We guide each client from the understanding of their audience to the content's activation.

How it works ?

Behavioural segmentation


ZenWeShare had created its unique behavioural segmentation, of 13 segments. After 4 years of Research & Development collaboration with top European researchers in psychology, we get this segmentation, which makes it possible for us to know who are your visitors. Your visitors are classified in segments whose commitment depends on very different contents.

Conversion diagnosis


Discover and fix underperforming audiences with ZenWeShare's behavioural segmentation.

We offer a diagnosis of your audience conversion in our dashboard. We can see what segment are doing well, and those which underperform.

Content diagnosis



ZenWeShare's diagnosis allows to see on which segments performance is lost, and detects the contents responsible for this loss.

Onsite personnalisation


Understand what your customers want and start to deliver it right to each one of them, in adapting wording on your site.

According to our personality, we don't like the same things. Given that, it seems logical to adapt your onsite contents to each of your visitors.

We can adapt text, image and trigger, and so that one visitor will not see the same picture that his neighbor.