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Personalized wording

ZenWeShare adapts wording onsite and in emails to match each customer's preferences

Recommendation engine

ZenWeShare tells you what your customers want and how to deliver it right

Optimized retargeting

ZenWeShare injects your best customers segments into Facebook Ad Manager and Google Adwords


ZenWeShare transforms navigation signals into accurate information about users preferences. This information can then be used in several domains such as online recommendations personalisation, CRM enrichment, retargeting, etc.

Meet the founders

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Kevin Becker
Bizdev & CMO

Holding a Masters degree from the EDHEC Business School, Kevin has 8 years of experience in marketing and consulting.

Benoit Allibe
Data Science

Benoit has a Phd in Economics and a Masters degree from the Mines de Paris, he has 8 years of experience in data modeling.

Kant Chhim

Kant holds a master from HEC Paris and has nearly 12 years of experience as a CTO in communication agencies.

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